How you can help

As a small grassroots organization, we can focus on the important thing, giving as much as we can to the projects we hold near to our hearts.

When you donate to our organization, you can feel good knowing your cash donation is going towards the cause of providing for farmers and families in need, without big administrative costs to take away much needed resources to the people who need them the most.

How Much Would You Like To Donate?


Corporate Sponsorship

Which project do you feel most connected to?

By choosing to help build an entire school from the ground up or help people thrive with new economic opportunities, you can rest assured your donation is going directly towards the project of your choosing.

For more information about Corporate and Foundation sponsorship partnerships, please email us. By choosing to donate to our Project Fund, you donations will go to helping Hondurans with healthcare, farm assistance, economic opportunities and education. Make a difference, give today.

Sponsor A Project

Do you love our coffee or need a gift for a loved one? You can purchase the whole bean coffee bags. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our Project Fund.

Buy Some Coffee
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